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All of Mic Nickels' releases with the band and as a solo artist are followed by music videos. Subscribe to his YouTube to see the latest single releases and live performance footage from Nickel and Dime Ops.

The first video from Nickel and Dime Ops' new album, Resuscitation Music, features Camille Thurman. The video presents a message of hope for humanity, in the world's cultural Mecca, Times Square.

The video for "Wheels Keep Spinning" from The Soulygamist album was filmed and edited by Nickel with his iPhone. On a whim he decided to chronicle his journey from NYC to Los Angeles.

In June 2017 Nickel and Dime Ops made their European debut performing at The Summer Nostos Festival in Athens, Greece. Here is video footage from the show in it's entirety.

"The Cure" is a single off of Nickel and Dime Ops debut album, The Soulygamist. Check out the band kicking zombie butt in this animated music video!

Mic Nickels

First video off of Mic Nickels latest release, Bars for Days. This is a boom bap banger that examines the phenomenon of the scowling rapper. 

The second single off Bars for Days is an inspirational track, featuring heavy flow over a contemporary style beat. In the video, Nickels performs the impossible, spitting bars while dropping out of the sky. 

Fan favorite off of The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise, which offers a glimpse into the busy life of the narrator.

This single from The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise, parodies Nickels as the John McClain character from Die Hard. "Chronicles of Bruce Illest" captures his lyrical ferociousness at its best! 

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