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Bars for Days

Mission Statement featuring Keef wOOkie - produced by Keef wOOkie. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Rappers Don’t Smile - produced by Colombeyond. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Sky City featuring Teen AF - produced by Marc Swing. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

The Phantom - produced by Gengis Don. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Ebb and Flow featuring Jeanette Berry - produced by Russell Carter. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Mr. Sleep featuring ADUM7, Whichcraft, and Keef wOOkie - produced by Pardeep Mathial. Lyrics by Mic Nickels, ADUM7, and Whichcraft.

Count the Waze featuring Alej Sierra - produced by Dan “Chimy” Chmielinkski. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Overcome - produced by Kiza. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

You Feel Me? - produced by Brandon “Bizzy” Hollemon. Lyrics by Mic


Things to Come (Pumafit) featuring Timbo King - produced by Mr. Cord. Lyrics by Mic Nickels and Timbo King.

Pirate Radio 2150 - produced by Rude 100. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

Joe Perkins aka Gritty Soul - produced by Marc Swing. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

A Porno for Heads - produced by Dray Yard. Lyrics by Mic Nickels.

El Matador featuring Method Man - produced by Mr. Cord. Bass by Dezron Douglas. Lyrics by Mic Nickels and Method Man.

Recorded and mixed at Westlake Studios in Los Angeles, California.

Executive Producer – Al Machera

Album Producer – Mic Nickels

Mixing Engineer – Ryan Dilude

Mastering Engineer – Jared Hirshland

Bars for Days album cover.jpg

Bars for Days is an inspiring human interest story which encapsulates the relentless drive and perseverance of an aspiring musician, as he moves through various social circles while bartending at a comedy club in Miami, and later a jazz club in New York City. Interactions with celebrities and emcees from the underground hip hop community, as Nickels makes his ascent into the music industry, add up to entertaining anecdotes. But the true heart of the story lies in his deep commitment to family. Faced with improbable odds upon becoming a long distance father, as well as experiences of unexpected loss, there is a profound sense of authenticity revealed by Nickels, as he describes the difficulties of balancing between his personal life and his career.

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