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"With more than two decades in the music industry, Mic Nickels has become an inspiration for underground indie artists." -  The Hype Magazine

"Bars for Days stands out in a class of its own. Whether you peg it as a memoir, a musical expose, a social inspection, or a family saga, it resonates in mind and heart with refreshingly original, upbeat language that pulls no punches, and delivers quite a few."

"Wow. What a journey I just was just taken on through the life of an artist." - Reedsy

"The journey from son of a single, teenaged mother to becoming a rapper, musician, hip hop emcee and producer Mic Nickels is told with clarity and precision in the recently released BARS FOR DAYS." - Authorlink

"Nickels writes his thrumming memoir with an ethnographer’s eye for human behavior and a gifted lyricist’s ear for the rhythm and the meaning of words." - January Magazine


“…an eclectic blend of rawness, emotion and sophistication. Their sound is unique, multifaceted and it will certainly take listeners on an unexpected journey.” - The Philadelphia Sun


“The band conjures an effortless groove with bouncin’ melodies that are reminiscent of classic Tribe Called Quest, The Fugees and Digable Planets.” - Glide Magazine


"100% raw element and it's definitely a treat. No samples or computer generated beats, just soulful musical union anchored strong in the hip hop pocket by Nickels’ lyrics.” -


"Have you seen a group since The Roots that have such talent with the proper fusion of instruments? The answer is no.” - Sakeenah Benjamin of Radio One


“Nickel and Dime OPS has a sound that should have them playing arenas. If there’s any justice in the world, maybe that’s next.” - Thomas Gerbasi of


“Nickel and Dime Ops is New York City’s breath of fresh air. They’re a hip hop group with roots in jazz, fronted by one hell of a rapper.” -


“This dynamic group of insanely talented musicians brings together jazz and hip-hop, combining the two for an unforgettable performance.” -

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