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100 Compilation Now Available

After twenty plus years in the game, rapper Mic Nickels has put together a compilation of his favorite hundred songs from his illustrious musical career. The collection contains tracks from his solo career, live and studio recordings with Nickel and Dime Ops, countless collaborations with MHB and other artists, and early recordings with his first group, The Linx, dating back from 1998-2005. This release will only be available as an exclusive download for fans available here at

New Solo Album/Autobio Coming Soon

Seven years since his latest solo release, The Disease, The Cure, and The Promise, Dime Ops front man Mic Nickels is back in the lab working a new hip hop album minus the band. Don't worry, the band will continue to to play, and is slated to begin working on a new collaborative album later this year. At this juncture however, Nickels felt it important to return to his roots, and will be working with producers from around the globe on the project, which includes production from Colombeyond, Mr. Cord, Marc Swing, Kiza, Rude 100, Keef w00kie, Genghis Don, Bizzythowed, Ted Silbert, Chimy, Dray Yard, Jecwho, and more... The full length release, which is being recorded at the iconic Westlake Studios in Los Angeles with Al Machera on board as co-producer, will be a blend of boom bap and modern feel. The album will also include an autobiography of Nickels' life which he is currently working on diligently. Stay tuned for Inner View w/ a B Boy, coming to you in 2020.

People's Champ Video Now Online

While working on their latest album release, Dime Ops piano player Willerm Delisfort, requested that Mic Nickels write to one of his compositions. The result has become a fan favorite at live shows, with a song that represents the persevering power of the human spirit. People's Champ is an anthem for all the underdogs out there that power through this difficult world that we live in, in the face of adversity each day, and how we triumph. To add to the dimension of this track, Boyd from Phantom Vanity was invited as the vocal feature and crushed. Nickels reunited with director Luis Moya to create this powerful visual.


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