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New Single, The Possibilities Now Online!

The first single from Mic Nickels' upcoming album, produced by Serbian beatmaker, Kiza. The Possibilities is a hard hitting lyrical showcase, effortlessly laced over a driving boom bap musical masterpiece, with a simple yet haunting chorus by vocal phenom, Jeanette Berry. This video was filmed in an actual ghost town in Texas, framing Nickels as if he was the last man on Earth. This visual collaboration with director Ori Evans is truly special. Stay tuned for the entire album later in 2024, which features Nickels' lyrical dexterity and an abudance of legendary special guests. 

Bars for Days album cover.jpg
Solo Album + Autobio Still Available

Nickels' release, Bars for Days, which bares the same title as his autobiography, is a return to the rapper’s roots in traditional beats and rhymes style hip hop. Mostly boom bap in nature, the album also dabbles in contemporary sound. To achieve his vision Nickels brought in engineering legend Al Machera to oversee the project, which was recorded and mixed at the world famous Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. Contributions were made by beat makers from around the U.S. and Europe, including Grammy award winning Brandon “Bizzy” Hollemon, and boom bap luminaries such as Colombeyond, Mr. Cord, and Kiza. Blazing collaborations with Method Man, Timbo King, and others help solidify the notion that Mic Nickels indeed deserves to be considered amongst the lyrically elite.

"NYC alt-rap hero Mic Nickels and international celebrity Method Man sound like they've been doing this forever. Their styles are complementary, their flows are impeccable, and their belief in the power of hip-hop is total." 

Nickels + Meth, El Matador, seen on MTV and BET!
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