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100 Compilation Now Available

After twenty plus years in the game, rapper Mic Nickels has put together a compilation of his favorite hundred songs from his illustrious musical career. The collection contains tracks from his solo career, live and studio recordings with Nickel and Dime Ops, countless collaborations with MHB and other artists, and early recordings with his first group, The Linx, dating back from 1998-2005. This release will only be available as an exclusive download for fans available here at

New Solo Album/Autobio Coming Soon

For the past decade Mic Nickels has focused most of his creative energy on writing with Nickel and Dime Ops, recording three albums with the band during this time. His latest release, Bars for Days, which bares the same title as his upcoming autobiography, is a return to the rapper’s roots in traditional beats and rhymes style hip hop. Mostly boom bap in nature, the album also dabbles in contemporary sound. Nickels’ goal being to exemplify lyrical prowess over both styles of production to prove a point, that hip hop music with substance is possible on all sides of the genre’s spectrum. To achieve his vision Nickels brought in engineering legend Al Machera to oversee the project, which was recorded and mixed at the world famous Westlake Studio in Los Angeles. Contributions were made by beat makers from around the U.S. and Europe, including Grammy award winning Brandon “Bizzy” Hollemon, and boom bap luminaries such as Colombeyond, Mr. Cord, and Kiza. Blazing collaborations with Method Man, Timbo King, and others help solidify the notion that Mic Nickels indeed deserves to be considered amongst the lyrically elite.

People's Champ Video Now Online

While working on their latest album release, Dime Ops piano player Willerm Delisfort, requested that Mic Nickels write to one of his compositions. The result has become a fan favorite at live shows, with a song that represents the persevering power of the human spirit. People's Champ is an anthem for all the underdogs out there that power through this difficult world that we live in, in the face of adversity each day, and how we triumph. To add to the dimension of this track, Boyd from Phantom Vanity was invited as the vocal feature and crushed. Nickels reunited with director Luis Moya to create this powerful visual.


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Exclusive Download!

All proceeds from the 100 go towards the release of the next album. Suggested minimum donation $20.Music will be sent directly from Mic Nickels shortly after payment is received.